Preserving love stories is our jam!

We love making wedding videos. The wind rustling flowers, birds flying by as you say “I do,” people beginning to cry—these organic and raw moments should be preserved forever. Similar to how a jar of jam allows you to taste fruit from harvests past, a wedding video allows you to feel emotions from time immemorial.

Delicate Approach

You can trust us to capture great shots fast without interfering or getting in the way. Not to mention, we are calm and optimistic in any situation.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Your video will be crafted by a professionally trained cinematographer with a Degree in Film Science and the experience of over 100 weddings.

Timeless Masterpiece

Our aim is to make you a video worthy of a heartfelt tradition, so enjoyable that you’ll watch the video several times each and every anniversary.

Our Films

We have been privileged to be present for many special ceremonies and celebrations in some of the finest venues around Charleston. Check out our demo reel here and a wider arrange of our work on vimeo.

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About Us

Our aim is to capture what truly makes your wedding perfect for you! We want your video to embody the essence of what it felt like to be there so you can relive your treasured memories for decades to come. With our calm, professional, and optimistic approach, you know your video will be artfully arranged to highlight all of the moments—both big and small—that truly reflect your unique love story.

Chap began making wedding videos by the age of 15. With a bachelor’s degree in Film Science from Full Sail University, he has filmed more than 200 weddings throughout the Southeast and has worked on numerous fashion shoots, operated cameras for Ted Talk style conferences, and won Best Local Film at the 2015 Indie Grits.

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